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3 Fruits to Eat for Better Sex

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There’s no one way to staying young: eat healthily. Fad diets, juice cleanses, even exercise are in no way better than eating healthy. Marketing for the food industry would let you know that you can eat anything if you just burn it off after. Wrong. Science actually tells us that exercise is only 15% of how your body will be. Diet is 85% of it. No matter how exercise you do when you still eat junk, you’re body will still punish you for it.

When you try to get it on with Adelaide escorts, you’ll need more than exercise. Basic food knowledge makes it known that vegetables and fruits is the way to go. But there are specific fruits you can eat to step up your sexual drive.


Specifically, strawberries and raspberries. These fruits are loaded with zinc which is essential for building testosterone. Zinc also prepares the body for better sex. That means, it makes you more horny. But not viagra-horny, just the right levels for you to get rearing when you need to.

Prepare strawberries raw and fresh or you can dip it with chocolate. A moderate amount, that’s 5-7 pieces if fresh and 3-4 if dipped in chocolate, should be fine. You can even make it as a pre-snack before the session. If you’re creative, there are many things you can do with strawberries and chocolate with your partner.


Our ancestors have long determined that fruits with similar shape as our body organs are beneficial in maintaining them. Avocadoes are rich in folic acid and vitamin B6, both essential in keeping a healthy sex drive. Vitamin B6 checks the body’s hormone imbalances while folic acid acts like a sugar rush to the body providing it with the energy it needs.


While it’s almost entirely made up of water, watermelon is rich in citruline which releases arginine in the body. Arginine improves blood circulation and is mainly responsible for vascular health. Watermelon is perfect for the summer months but if it’s readily available from where you are located, stock up. Munch on  it cold, preferably.

On top of all this, remember to get as much protein as you can as well. Protein is needed to synthesize all the nutrients you get from vegetables and fruits. When you’re with Adelaide escorts, you’ll need all the sexual drive you have in order to perform.



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