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3 Reasons Why the Missionary is Still the Kinkiest Sex Position

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While popular culture views sex positions like the woman-on-top or the doggystyle as the raunchiest and most dramatic, some sex experts disagree with this idea, and continue to assert that the good-old missionary is still the kinkiest, and it wins the feel-good contest too! Here’s a look at three reasons why the missionary is still the kinkiest sex move in town.

The Missionary is Best for Masturbation
While you may think that the missionary is so old-school, or so outdated, perhaps you should ask your girlfriend, or any of the lovely and sizzling Adelaide Escorts how they view it. Well, according to sex experts, at least three quarters of women need clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration alone to get off during the deed!

Many sex position guides will often tell you that when the lady’s down below, she can easily rub her clitoris or add a vibrator, and the couple can easily incorporate handcuffs or nipple clamps to the activity, and thus make the missionary more kink-friendly!

You Can Switch it up Endlessly
And while the lady is down below during missionary sex, she can switch things up endlessly, as she can lift one leg or both. She can also throw a pillow under her butt, or wrap her legs like a pretzel around the guy, and pull him or her closer to her. Yes, missionary can be a little vanilla, but with the sheer array of toppings available, it can certainly be real fun!

It’s the Ultimate Transition Position
And if you are in the mood for something other than vanilla, the missionary is actually the ultimate transition position, because with a simple flip the ladies can turn over into their belly for doggystyle, or get on top for the cowgirl!

And if your girlfriend, or the hot and sizzling Adelaide Escorts, wants to get a little selfish, the missionary makes it easy if they want you to pull out and go down on them for a bit! In summary, the missionary my invoke visions of your parents conceiving you to the sounds of the Bee Gees, but in truth it’s still the kinkiest!

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