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3 Standing Sex Positions Becoming A Favourite Of Many

Do you have a favourite sex position? Many women and including Adelaide Escorts love the missionary position because they say that it’s very relaxing and absolutely intimate. More so, you get to eyeball your partner and have easy access to hot lingering kisses. Your man is in control and there you are, lying on your back, relaxing and savouring the ecstasy.

Adelaide EscortsHowever, many experts say there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sexual intercourse. You can do it anywhere and at any position you want. Gone are the days when sexual pleasure was just confined to the mattress.

Today, couples are getting access to more and more related online resources on how to make sex more pleasurable by experimenting on different positions. Besides, having sex in new locations outside of the bedroom, and various sexual tastes are also being discovered as something that can bring about greater intensities of sensations. Thus, couples are now using the standing position.

Be informed though, that if you don’t know the right techniques, you’ll only end up frustrated. Therefore, you have to study, experiment, and just make your mind open to changes in style; increase your patience and flexibility.

Below are the 3 common standing position favourites:


  • The Hanging Garden – This doesn’t even have to be done in the garden but, anywhere, any time. Raise your ladylove up and let her wrap her legs around your waist, her arms around your neck, while you support her buttocks. Take note, this bold and passionate position is only for sturdy guys and dolls lighter in weight.


  • The Necklace of Venus – You can do this even without totally undressing. Let your partner recline backwards on a flat and firm surface, raise her legs and wrap them around the back of your neck, while you’re of course, standing. If you’re in for a quickie yet passionate sexual encounter like, during office lunch breaks, you can do this with your girlfriend on a desk or the kitchen sink. At home, you can also do this in the garage on the hood of your car. Let your sweetheart feel an intense sensation when you penetrate deeper inside of her. The only downside is your partner needs to have strong endurance in her upper arms and thighs when sex has become vigorous.


  • The Frisk – Considered as the staple of any satisfying sex life, this position is akin to the police body search. Your chick has her hands against the wall with her feet apart and slightly bends forward for your easy rear entry. What’s good in this position is, both of you can take control of your speed and intensity of your intercourse. Likewise, this allows for a better stimulation of your girl’s G-spot. You can do this when your space is small or when you’re in haste. It could be a little awkward though, where there’s a significant difference in height. Nevertheless, when it comes to sex, nothing can come in the way, even bumpy heights.


There are still more overwhelming standing positions out there. You will get to experience them when you spend the night with your gorgeous babe from Adelaide Escorts.


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