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5 Best Guidelines to Texting A Woman

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When dating is involved, some things are clearly do’s or don’ts, while others are a bit more confusing. For instance, some would say it’s perfectly okay to bring a small gift or token when engaging one of the Adelaide Escorts or Tantric Massage London you found online; others would say forego said gift.

Another topic that seems to confuse more than its fair share of blokes, however, is that of texting a lovely lady they want to eventually become a couple with. True, it may seem awkward to do so at certain points, and that’s why many are asking about it. So here are a few guidelines to remember when it comes to touching base with a potential partner.

1. Text within a day of the first meeting. 24 hours after you first meet, the memory of you is still fresh. She’ll remember any witty comments you threw out, any interesting opinions you had, and she’ll still remember your face. Wait any longer than this, and you’ll find yourself with the dreaded “Who’s this again?” question.

2. Find the balance when texting her. Don’t text her just on weeknights or the weekends; she’ll find this suspicious and may think you’re only interested in sleeping with her. Don’t text her too often, either, or you may scare her off.

When she doesn’t reply immediately, don’t prompt her for a response. Wait around 10 minutes – she may have gotten busy. Or maybe she’s playing the game of “match the response time”. That means, if it takes her 5 minutes to reply, wait 5 minutes to reply to her, too. Or else take a little longer. That way, you don’t seem desperate or too eager.

3. Check your grammar. Women are sticklers for detail, and this includes grammar. Before sending that message, check it for any major grammar faux pas. Otherwise, she’ll think you didn’t take the time to send her a ‘proper’ text. A misspelled word now and then can be forgiven, though.

4. Avoid texting her during work hours. While she may welcome the distraction, she may not be so happy to see a message from you when she has a huge workload. When you do text her during your 9-to-5, try to keep things light and easy, to help lift her mood even a little.

5. Be careful when using emoticons. These come in handy when making sure she doesn’t misread your text – after all, you can’t exactly convey mood properly through a text message. However, using them every other sentence can bury the point of your text, or make you look insincere somehow.

Remember these guidelines, and it’ll be easier for you to ask her on a date eventually. If you feel you need to practice before said date, you can hire one of the Adelaide Escorts you know of. That way, you’ll be less awkward when you do go out, and you’ll be more likely to enjoy yourselves!

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