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5 Best Reasons to Avoid Having Sex While Drunk

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When you get together with your friends and decide to drink the night away, you might have something else on your mind: drunken sex. Yes, it happens sometimes, especially at parties where men and women mingle. Many people, though, such as the gorgeous Adelaide escorts you find online, know that too much alcohol and sex should never mix.

Remember that the phrase ‘beer goggles’ exists for a reason. Here are some of the best reasons you shouldn’t drink too much before trying to hook up with a sexy vixen you’d been eyeing.

1. Alcohol affects your hard-on. When you’ve had alcohol, your muscles tend to relax somewhat – that’s why you may find yourself stumbling a few steps since your legs can’t hold you up. This relaxation extends to your cock, of course. So you’ll either have a hard time getting hard, or you’ll have a hard time maintaining that hard-on.

2. You accidentally go too far with someone. What happens if you end up hitting on someone you actually like, and she’s drunk enough to say ‘yes’? Now, this may sound good, but if you were really close before your hook-up and then wake up next to each other, things change. Do you think your relationship will be the same as before?

Sadly, the chances are that it won’t. In the end, your friendship might crumble away because of that one night both your inhibitions were down.

3. You’re less picky. As hinted at earlier, alcohol lowers inhibitions, and you don’t really take a good, hard look at a possible partner. As long as she’s up for some frisky bedroom fun, you’re good to go. So what do you do if, when you wake up the next day, the person next to you looks like someone who actually isn’t your type?

One thing is, you’re going to regret the night before, and you’ll want to get out of that room as quickly as possible. This can only end very, very awkwardly.

4. You hardly stop to consider things. This happens because, again, your inhibitions go down when you drink. When you think nothing of trying new things in the bedroom while you’re under the influence, you may wake up to a surprise or two. The thing is, there’s no guarantee these will be pleasant when you’re very much sober.

5. You become more interested in sleep. Even if you’re both hot and horny, you’re more likely to succumb to sleep because of how relaxed you are, thanks to the alcohol. When you’re in a position you find comfortable, it’s that much easier to fall asleep. That’s not exactly a sexy ending to the evening.

These are the more common reasons, since they happen to a lot of people. There’s no reason not to have a glass of wine when you go to dinner with one of the Adelaide escorts, of course. But remember to drink in moderation, or any of the above could happen.

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