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5 Sexy Tips to Help Her Get it Off

Pleasuring a lady can sometimes be confusing, and even those who pride themselves on their bedroom technique might feel like they’re not doing enough. Luckily, some of the gorgeous babes at Adelaide Escorts have shared a few things women want you to do in bed.

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  1. Talk dirty. Not the flowery kind – curse like a sailor if you need to. In the heat of the moment, you certainly can’t stop to censor yourself. The less control over your language you have, one lovely escort shares, the more turned on you are. That means you’re enjoying it, and so will your gal.


  1. Focus on something else. Try kissing other parts of her other than her lips, boobs, and vagina, or at least stroking somewhere else. If you’re not sure where to put your hands or your mouth, explore! Then listen for you lady’s moans of pleasure, and you’ll have your ‘road map’, so to speak.


  1. Be aggressive. How aggressive you get depends on your partner’s own preference. Some might like being spanked (lightly!), while others get off on being lightly asphyxiated. Apparently, the feeling of not being able to breathe heightens the feeling of pleasure.


Of course you want to see how she reacts to it, but if she starts screaming for you to take her harder or deeper, that’s your cue that you can afford to get a bit more rough under the sheets.


  1. Get raunchy. Speaking of getting aggressive, another escort shares how she didn’t mind if clients get a little wild, meaning it’s okay to be a little selfish now and then. Like doing it doggy-style? Take her from behind without warning. Or grab a handful of her hair and pull gently while you’re in missionary. Do anything so it feels less like making love.


  1. Be more vocal during oral. There’s nothing like hearing a sexy moan when you do something to a woman that makes her beg for more. It’s the same for girls when they go down on you – she wants to hear your reactions, so she knows if she’s doing a good job.


On that note, some women also want their partners to give them oral more often.


Pull one of these moves the next time you engage a lovely vixen from Adelaide Escorts. The explosive orgasms you’ll get will definitely be worth it.


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