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5 Things You’ll Want to Do as A Couple Before Kids Enter the Picture

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There’s no other way to say it: having children is a big decision. Not only do you need to be physically and financially prepared – how else will you chase those energetic tots? – but you have to be emotionally ready as well. Your partner also needs to be onboard with the idea, too. It’s not like getting ready to, say, hire one of the Adelaide escorts you see online, either. It requires a whole other level of commitment.

Once you and your partner decide – together – that you’re ready to procreate, it’s time to start planning. You see, there are a few things you may want to cross off your pre-children bucket list before you actually have your first kid. Here are some ideas.

1. Chase your career goals. Whether you’re trying to get a certain promotion, or you want to start your own business, achieving those dreams will be more difficult when you factor in caring for a child or two. Even if you don’t quite achieve what you’ve set your sights on when Baby Number 1 comes along, but you’ve come close, that’s also okay.

The idea is to achieve as much as you can as far as your career is concerned, so that you’ll be more present in your kids’ lives without resenting them for making you give up a possible position as COO of a firm.

2. Have a support system. This is doubly important for first-time parents. You’ll want to be able to go to them for parenting advice, babysitting, and other jobs that have to do with relieving the stress of parenthood. Your children will also benefit from having more than you and your wife around them – they’ll know that other people love them as well, not just Mum and Dad.

3. Travel to that dream destination. Unless your dream vacation includes the kids, it’s a good idea to book that flight to a place you and your partner have always wanted to explore together. There’s nothing wrong with traveling with kids, but traveling as a couple has a charm all its own.

4. Indulge in romance. Once you cross the line from couple to parenthood, you’ll have precious few opportunities for romance. So go ahead, book that dinnertime cruise, or plan a couple’s day at your partner’s favourite spa. You won’t have that much alone time once you have your first kid, so take the opportunity to do so while it’s still there.

5. Treat yourselves. Whether it’s dinners out at different fine-dining restaurants every week, or a big purchase like a new car, go ahead and indulge in yourselves a little. When your little ones join your world, you’re going to be constantly spending on them. So don’t worry about being selfish that one last time before you start being selfless.

This includes having that one last fling with one of the Adelaide escorts you find online from time to time, as long as you’re discreet about it.

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