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A Different View of the Sex Industry – 4 Sad Truths Facing Sex Workers

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The sex industry is something that always has a few – or more than a few – stigmas attached to it, no matter what role you play in it. You could be one of the Adelaide escorts, being paid for spending time with lonely blokes, or helping an escort agency keep track of appointments. You could even be a writer for porn films, coming up with content to get people horny.

Or you could be in the porn films yourself, one of the on-screen characters who, in the eyes of many, are having the time of your life fucking and sucking. There are porn stars who chose that path, and so are filming such scenes of their own free will. Some ladies have said that they enjoy what they’re doing, and they can’t think of doing anything else.

However, there are some others in the industry – and some who’ve already left it – who paint a different picture.

  1. The advertising is misleading. Some porn stars – mostly women – have said they were told about a company looking for nude models. These ladies would go to audition, only to find out what they were really being asked to do.


  1. Protection isn’t always assured. Porn isn’t the most realistic when it comes to depicting sex, but producers will usually push for the male actors not using condoms. Sometimes, the actors will find ways around it. Other times, they have no choice but to have unprotected sex.


  1. Telling the truth can lead to judgement. One escort talked about the time she came clean about what she did for a living. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t understand the difference between escort services and prostitution, and the relationship became rather distant. She added that she doesn’t regret telling the truth, but she regret her parents’ reactions.


Another escort mentioned that she had a regular job outside of escort services, even if she enjoys the latter more. Keeping her regular job, she explained, helped her deflect any awkward questions if a relative saw her with one of her clients from her escorting job. Thanks to this bit of subterfuge, she hasn’t had to face such judgement from her own family.


  1. Life after the industry can be hard. One former porn star said that she regretted her decision to go into porn, even years after she’s left it. One of the reasons for this is how some people treat her after learning what she used to do. Sadly, she wants to have a family of her own but believes it’s impossible for her, because ‘no man will love a former porn actress’.


These are just a few of the problems facing people in this particular industry. So if you’re one of those who think Adelaide escorts have it easier compared to prostitutes, or who think that porn stars deserve the stigma attached to them, think again. Often, a little understanding goes a long way for people like them.

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