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Adelaide Best Escorts – Having Sex While Being Tired is a Bad Idea, New Report Reveals

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What’s more important for healthy relationships – Sleep or sex? Well, the risks of swapping sex for sleep are dire, because most of us are told that our partners might look elsewhere for sex, or exit the relationship altogether. However, a new study reveals that having sex while being tired is a bad idea!

Relationships Suffer When Couples Prioritize Quantity Over Quality
Who says having sex while being tired is a bad idea? Well, I guess it doesn’t sound much of a bad idea for you, especially if you’re meeting up with the lovely and alluring Adelaide Best Escorts!

But according to some psychotherapists and psychologists, relationships generally start to suffer when people prioritize quantity over quality. They also add that people begin avoiding sex when it feels lethargic or obligatory, which in simpler terms means that forcing yourself to have more mediocre sex makes sex less sexy!

Men Aren’t in the Mood for Sex Sometimes Too
The sex experts also add that men are as negatively impacted by this “gotta-get-it-done” mentality as the women, because men sometimes also don’t feel in the mood for sex, and if this is the case, then their manhood is called into question. Well, the truth is that everyone feels pressured by this must-have-sex dynamic, which can be suffocating and can cause relationship issues.

But does this mean that you should never have sex when you’re too tired? Of course not, because if you genuinely want to give it a go despite your heavy eyelids, by all means go for it. However, don’t just fall into the pressure, and honour what you want and need.

And if you’re on the fence one night, remember this: You need sleep in order to live and be healthy, and no one has died from not having sex! But I certainly bet that you don’t feel sleepy or droopy, whenever you have a date with the lovely and alluring Adelaide Best Escorts!

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