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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Blindfolded Sex Positions That Are Sure to Heighten the Senses

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Have you ever wondered why those who engage in BDSM-type sex often use blindfolds? Well, blindfolds are like the duct tape of sex, as they’re multipurpose! In fact, blindfolds can help you to be super present, and lessen your inhibitions while also making everything seem a little edgier!  If you’re the “blindfolder”, be super gentle and keep talking to your partner so she has a sense of where you are and try to keep a reassuring hand resting at all times. Here are a couple of blindfolded sex positions that are sure to heighten the senses.

The Blackout

If you and your hookup mate, or your preferred Adelaide Escorts, feel like blindfold pros already, bust out two of them and try to feel your way into a semi-tricky position, which beats turning the lights out  because you can always peek through your blindfold if you need to!  Here, your lady is on her back with one leg up your shoulders, while you kneel and straddle her leg. It may require teamwork, but it’s sure to provide a lusty sensory overload!

The Blindfold Buff

Try going a little BDSM with your partner, by trying out this move (But, please ask for consent from your partner first!). Here, your lady asks you to sit on a chair, and she tells you to do what she says.

Next, she brushes a boob across your cheek and lets you feel her wetness, and then she licks her way up to your thigh. She then rewards your bravery with the finest oral. what’s good is that you could actually take turns with this move!

The Mystery Dance

In this blindfolded sex move, your partner won’t be able to see you, but they will feel you extra. And if you are inhibited by an inner critic offering unwanted commentary during sex, a blindfold can actually stop that crap!

What’s good is that if you’re blindfolded,  it tricks your brain if you can’t see your hookup mate, or your favourite Adelaide Escorts, as they can’t see you. And if it’s you that’s blindfolded, then she can relax and grind away as she pleases!

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