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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Cool Ways for Firing Up Your Sex Life This 2018

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How were things on the sexual front in 2017? Well, I’m actually asking you whether you had a fun and exciting sex life last year, because if you didn’t have one, perhaps you should start fine-tuning things, starting this January! Here are a couple of cool and innovative ideas on how to fire up your erotic life this 2018.

Adjust the Temperature
To make 2018 the year of the best sex ever, and to ensure that your hookup buddies or lovely Adelaide Escorts continue to remain impressed with your bedroom abilities, the first step would be to adjust the temperature.

What I mean is that if your girl is always cold, sticking her into a frigid room isn’t the way to do it. So, turn the heat up a notch by investing in a soft, cuddly down blanket, so this will make your bedroom way more temperature-friendly and hospitable, and it will seriously lead to more sex too!

Find Her Sweet Spot
When in bed, never, ever assume that what you did for your last girl will work for the next one. With all things sexual, you must first use the first few sessions as experiments to find out exactly how, where, how hard and how fast she likes it.

Once you figure out how to make it happen for her in bed, don’t forget it but instead always keep it in mind, literally. It would even be better if you take notes if you have to. Keep in mind that consistency is important, even in sex!

Conduct a Bedroom Audit
The next step would be to conduct a bedroom audit, although this isn’t the type of auditing that you see in offices, where people do a lot of number-crunching! For starters, check if your sheets are soft or scratchy, or try removing anything deemed “unsexy” in your room, and replace them with more “adult” accessories which promote sexiness.

You could also use make good use of your bedside table, by placing a wireless speaker that pumps out a wonderful playlist to set the sexy vibe for you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts!

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