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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Hot & Sizzling Tips on How to Have More Sex This 2018

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Has your sex life in 2017 become sleepy, or outright lacklustre? Well, since the new year has always become synonymous with improvement, whether it’s deciding to get a healthier and fitter body, or promising not to indulge in Big Macs anymore, or wanting to have a more active sex life, we’ve lined up a few ways to sexually satisfy both yourself and your partner this 2018.

Work it Out
Whether you’d like to further impress your girlfriend, or your favourite Adelaide Escorts, with more enhanced bedroom skills, or if you’d simply like to see an improvement in your overall erotic performance, I guess the best step would be to sweat it out in the gym!

For starters, you could work on building up core muscle groups, or try something called the “Better Sex Workout”, which is a four-week program designed to get your upper back, glutes and hamstrings in showmanship shape!

To do this, perform each workout (for the upper back, glutes and hamstrings) once per week, and rest a day between each session, with each session running from 45 to 60 minutes.

Take Your Time
According to sex experts, there are things in life that need warming up, from cars in winter to your muscles before a sprint, to your lady while getting down and dirty in bed! According to Lora Somoza, a Los-Angeles, California-based sex expert and radio host, you should first make your woman feel comfortable, otherwise she’s not going to enjoy it. And the odds are, when you cater to her needs first, she will be more than willing to reciprocate the favour!

Stay on Your Toes
Sex with someone new can never go two ways: You’re either fumbling through foreplay, jerking nervously and failing to get any rhythm, all because you’re too focused on nailing her!

Or, you can simply have fun, uninhibited sex with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Adelaide Escorts, for hours on end because there are no barriers curtailing your spontaneity! Don’t you think it would be best to aim for the latter?

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