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Adelaide Escorts – 3 More Weird Things That May Happen to Your Body After Sex, But Are Not a Big Deal

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If you think that sex is always blissful, heart-racing and exciting, well, even in those immediate post-coital bliss moments, you may feel a couple of weird things that are going on with your body. But then again, since sex is a physical act that involves the entire body, your body will certainly react in weird ways. Here’s a look at a couple more weird things that may happen to your body after sex, but are no big deal.

Your Cheeks are Flushed

Have you noticed every time you’re in the throes of ecstasy with your hookup buddy, or with your favourite Adelaide Escorts, that both of your cheeks are flushed and radiating with pleasure?

According to health experts, this phenomenon is referred to as the “sex flush”, which often happens to women (but occurs in men too), as the relaxation of blood vessels can cause a noticeable, red discoloration of the skin of the neck and chest that may go unnoticed with the lights off

You Get a Strong Urge to Pee

While we’ve already been told of the importance of peeing before and after sex, there’ll be times where we feel a sudden, strong urge to pee following P-in-V sex! According to health experts, this could be more likely due to those uterine contractions or bladder spasms, which are actually not dangerous and are usually temporary in nature!

You’ll Feel Some Amount of Pain

If you, or your partner, feel some amount of pain after sex, the umbrella term for painful sex is dyspareunia, which covers genital pain which may occur just before, during or after sexual intercourse.

This one’s surprisingly common and can feel like anything from cramping to a dull ache, and this happens due to the release of the hormone oxytocin during sex. However, if you, and your hookup mates, or even your preferred Adelaide Escorts, feel persistent pain, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor, to rule out any serious health concerns!


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