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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Reasons Why the Sex Gets Better Once Summer is Over

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When it comes to talk about sex, and its frequency, the truth is that sex is usually great in any season. Some say that it’s good to bone during the fall, while others say it’s better in the spring. However, a large number of sex experts say that sex is way better when the summer is over for all kinds of reasons. Here’s a look at a couple of reasons why shagging is better once the summer is done.

The Shagging Sessions Last Longer

Once the weather changes, and starts to get cooler, it makes people want to stay longer in bed, and maybe get a second romp out of the day is one thing. And when it’s colder or rainy, the sex sessions can last all day without having to ignore endless texts from friends who are trying to make you go out. But why go out, when you’re in bed with ladies as hot and sexy as the Adelaide Escorts!

Some sex experts say that fall often has a reputation for being “cuffing season”, or the time of the year when everyone is trying to settle down with their partners. So, sorry to all summer sex lovers, but the sex certainly gets much better as soon as the leaves start to fall!

Everyone Smells Better

Who wants to get it on when the weather is hot and sweltering? Certainly, no one wants to talk about sweaty balls and not-s—fresh vaginas, but let’s face it these things are real. And for this reason alone, winter means the probability of oral sex goes up exponentially!

You Get Closer to Your Partner

If you’re still getting it on with your summer fling when it already starts to get cold outside, that’s when you know that what you feel for her is real! But hey, to be honest having sex with someone you really care about, and who just adores you back, can be so much better than random sex (but not all the time!).

There’s certainly something about braving the chill and rainy nights during the fall that makes bonding, and getting it on, with ladies as hot as the Adelaide Escorts, very much inevitable!

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