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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Refreshingly Innovative Ways to Please Your Woman

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A lot has changed in the bedroom in the last three decades, and it’s not just the shag rug, or the softness of the beds! So, if your bedroom performance has remained the usual, or has gone from bland to utterly disgusting, perhaps it’s time you revive your flagging bedroom fortunes, by learning these 3 refreshingly innovative ways for pleasing your woman.

She Needs Distraction
Ask any of your hookup buddies today, including the lovely and sexy Adelaide Escorts, on whether sexual fantasies are only for the lonely, and I guess most of them will answer No! During sex, men often focus on the oncoming climax, or the baseball and football stats on ESPN. Women’s minds however, wander into fantasy!

And according to psychologists and sex experts, fantasy is a way for the ladies to disconnect their mind, and it becomes an important part of deactivating her fear centre. Thus, encourage your lady to keep her fantasies alive and kicking, by whispering provocative words and phrases to her, and slowly building an erotic story where she can get lost in!

Let Her Take Over
Instead of you controlling the pace always, why don’t you try letting your lady take over? In almost every culture’s history, the man always takes the lead in sex. But that’s such a patriarchal hang-up.

So, let her control the pace and intensity, either initially or totally, depending on the mood, so that you will both know what’s best for her. The more fun she has, the better for you too. And, in addition, encourage her to be on top too, as this allows her to take advantage of a wide range of positions, from facing you to facing away, sitting, cross-legged on you, etc.

Different Touches Bring Different Results
A woman’s clitoris, vagina and urethra are interconnected, and researchers believe that stimulating any one of them may contribute to overall arousal. Thus, try branching out and teasing what some call the “U-Spot”, or the area between your girlfriend, or the lovely Adelaide Escorts’ clit and pussy, and bring her to the heights or erotic ecstasy!

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