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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Sex Moves That Are Sure to Drive the Men Wild

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If you only had two choices at the moment, and these included mediocre sex and a six-pack of craft beers, what would you choose? I guess I’d be choosing the six-pack of craft beers (and so would you!) And when it comes to favouring quality over quantity, especially when it comes to talk about sex, most men and women today would go for quality. Well, for the dudes, here’s a peek at a few of the hottest sex moves that are sure to drive them wild.

Sex In Front of a Mirror
If you and your hookup mates, and even your favourite Adelaide Escorts are looking for something refreshingly hot and sleazy to do in your room tonight, perhaps you should try having sex in front of a mirror!

Anything with a mirror – literally- anything in front of a mirror is a hundred thousand times better than shagging without a mirror! Just imaging watching your lady give you a blowjob on her knees in front of a large mirror! Wouldn’t this feel like you’re both acting and watching a dirty movie?

Who doesn’t like doing the”69”? According to sleaze experts, 69ing can be fun and amazing, but only if you’re around the same height. Many ladies also stress that they feel less self-conscious about getting oral, especially when the guys are down on them at the same time too!

Ankles Over Shoulders
If you don’t have that much of a well-endowed dick, I guess it would help if you try this move, because according to the guys who had quite small shafts, it makes them feel like they’re breaking their girlfriend in a good way! They also add that it also makes the penetration feel deeper for both of them.

Now which amazingly refreshing sex move would you be yearning to try out tonight (or this weekend) in bed with your hookup partners, or with the hot and sizzling Adelaide Escorts? Perhaps you could try all of these!

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