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Adelaide Escorts – 3 Subtle Tricks to Figure Out if She’s Lying to You

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A little white lie every now and then never hurt anyone, especially if the intentions behind it were good. For example, you lie about where you’re going when you meet up with one of the lovely courtesans at Adelaide Escorts because you wanted to improve your sex game, so you could then satisfy your girl better. But what if the lies are constant – and it’s your girl who’s doing the lying, or you suspect she is?

First of all, remember that suspicion is just that. You don’t know for sure if she’s lying or not, plus accusing her will just risk your relationship. That doesn’t mean you should just take things at face value rather than pry, though. After all, those lies may be hiding something that could end up hurting you. What you’ll want to do, then, is dig a little to figure out if she is lying or not.

Here are a few subtle ways to achieve just that.

1. Ask her to tell her story again another time. If your partner is normally short and to-the-point when talking about her day, and her response is also to-the-point, then you likely have nothing to worry about. If she’s usually more talkative though, and her lines sound rehearsed, there’s something wrong.

The same goes for if there are inconsistencies in her story, even little ones like the time she went shopping, or what store she went to. These show she didn’t have time to practice what she was going to say.

2. There are either too few details, or too many. This ties in again to how your girl usually talks about her day. If she usually talks about every little detail, but this time opts for a shortcut version, she’s hiding something. Obviously, the same goes for if she’s usually brief but now embellishes her tale with a ton of details.

3. She’s unusually defensive. Suffice it to say that someone with nothing to hide wouldn’t mind answering a clarifying question. However, if your girl snaps at you and says something along the lines of “I already answered that!”, you may have a problem on your hands.

Now, if you’re still single and don’t have to deal with lying significant others, but want to hone your skills with the ladies, browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts to find the perfect courtesan to help you out.

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