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Adelaide Escorts – 4 Biggest Signs Your Ex Still Wants You

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When relationships are involved, things can become complicated. It’s not always as easy as hiring one of the gorgeous ladies featured in the pages of Adelaide Escorts. However, you could say life is more interesting because of the challenges some situations present to you.

One such situation is when you break up with your girlfriend and a month or so later, you get mixed signals from her. Does she want to move on, or does she want you back? How do you know what to do when you’re in such a predicament? To help you out, here are some signs that your ex-girlfriend does want to get back together with you.

1. She shows signs of missing you. If your ex makes a point of it to share how miserable, sad, or lonely she’s feeling now that you’re no longer a couple, it’s clear that she’s not ready to move on. That usually also means she’s missing you.

2. She stays away from dating. It’s true that some people like to stay out of the dating game for a while after a breakup. If your ex isn’t the sort of person who’d do this but they do so anyway, then something’s stopping them from looking at possible dates. The same goes for if she goes on a date and doesn’t want you to know because it might ‘hurt you’.

3. She behaves warmer than you remember. It’s a good sign if you and your ex can still be friends even after you break up. However, if she acts even warmer and friendlier than when you were together, it’s highly possible that she still likes you. This goes double if she uses a gentle, almost loving voice when speaking to you.

4. She clings to the memories. Does she mention your first anniversary, or maybe point out the restaurant where you had your first date? If she still holds these memories close to her heart and wants you to remember them as well, she’s still in love with you. Plus, she wants you to feel the same way.

If you feel you can both use a second chance at a relationship, and if you still have feelings for her, there’s nothing wrong with becoming a couple again. Of course, if not, you could always engage one of the vixens at Adelaide Escorts to keep you company.

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