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Adelaide Escorts – 4 More of the Most Popular Sexual Fantasies Today

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Whatever their shape and form, it’s perfectly healthy and normal for humans to have sexual fantasies. According to research conducted by the famous Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, it’s actually more unusual not to have sexual fantasies! Here’s a peek at a few more of the most popular sexual fantasies today.

Novelty/Adventurous Sex

Ask any guy or girl out there today, yes that includes your preferred Adelaide Escorts too, if they  have sexual fantasies or not, and I bet majority of them would say that they do have certain sexual fantasies!

For those who feel like their sex life has already become routine, or even boring, this might explain why the idea of novelty or adventurous sex is such a turn-on for them. In fact, a recent survey conducted in the US about sexual fantasies has noted that switching things up in bed, like trying a new sex toy or sex position, was actually one of the most popular sexual fantasies!

Taboo/Forbidden Sex

Is there anything hotter and sleazier than sex which feels forbidden or naughty? Whether you’re fantasizing about hooking up with a hot co-worker, or even your boss, or getting it on in the great outdoors, being aroused by the thought of doing something forbidden is totally normal!


Although non-monogamous relationships have become more accepted in the recent years, this sexual fantasy isn’t about the desire to be in one. In fact, one of the most popular fantasies for people who are in monogamous relationships is having sex with someone outside the relationship, which is actually known as cheating!

Multi-Partner Sex

The old saying “two is company but three’s a crowd” need not apply in the bedroom anymore, because one of the most popular sexual fantasies today involves multi-partner or group sex, aka threesomes or orgies!

So, which of these popular sexual fantasies are in your bucket list, as well as that of your hookup mates, or your preferred Adelaide Escorts?

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