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Adelaide Escorts – 4 of the Best Summer Sex Positions

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It’s summer! Yes, it is summer, especially in Australia, and now that things have started to heat up outside, it’s time to wear skimpy clothes, or even take off all your clothes, and get real hot and nasty! I guess you should also try a few of the most adventurous summer sex positions, if only to keep you cool and concentrated on doing all the dirty deeds.

The Teddy Bear Position
Summer is the perfect season for going on a hike, having a picnic in the park or beach, or even in your own backyard. And of course, it’s a wonderful time for shagging too! After feeding your girlfriend, or lovely Adelaide Escorts with lots of sensuality, give each other an intimate foot rub with some chilly ice water!

Next, get into the classic marriage proposal position, while your lady climbs on top and straddles you. The Teddy Bear sex position is so romantic, and perfect for kissing, eye gazing and cuddling too. In fact, your lady can easily bounce on your dick, to get the right amount of penetration!

The BBQ Quickie
This popular summer sex position lets the women stand on the floor and bend over the bed or a table. If she’s wearing a skirt, The BBQ Quickie is perfect for quickies, like during a real BBQ session, because there’s minimal clothing to worry about, and it can be done anywhere there’s a convenient surface, such as the shallow end of a swimming pool, with her leaning over the edge!

The Swimming Porpoise
The Swimming Porpoise is a sex position that is very much ideal for use in swimming pools, as it has the added advantage of allowing for prime G-spot stimulation. One sex expert says that the man should stand in the shallow end with his back firmly braced against the edge of the pool, so he can hold onto the woman’s hips as she spreads her legs wide, and does the breaststroke motion, opening and closing them for deeper orgasmic intensity!

The Lounging Lioness
In this great summer sex move, the man lies on his back and the woman lies on top of him with her legs closed. This also gives you a tighter sensation, and puts added pressure on your girlfriend, or lovely Adelaide Escorts’ clitoris too!

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