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Adelaide Escorts – 4 Small, Yet Major, Changes That Can Push Your Partner Over the Edge

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Have your recent bedroom performances yielded nothing but a sad, and sorry, ”ho-hum” from the ladies? According to sex experts, the difference between ho-hum and “oh yeah!” is attention to detail! Here’s a look at a few small, yet major, changes that can push your bedroom partners over the edge.

Use Your Thumb & Index Finger to Gentle Massage Her Breast
Most men often forget that sex isn’t a race, or a sprint to the finish line, but a slow, intense build-up of erotic emotions. Thus, if you’d like to truly push your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts over the edge, make good use of your thumb and fingers!

Well, you could utilize your thumb and index finger to gentle massage her breast, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Then, place your hand over her areola, and roll it with your palm. Finally, very gently pull and tease her nipple, but do one at a time, in slow motion! This careful, intense formula combines several kinds of stimulation, ensuring that she enjoys the experience.

Hold Your Tongue Steady

Now, why should you hold your tongue steady? Well, according to sex experts, most women need one consistent, repetitive motion in order to feel satisfied. And while it’s okay to run the alphabet to explore what she likes, to settle on her preferred letter or number, or punctuation mark, should effectively bring her to orgasm!

Ask Simple Yes or No Questions
Asking your lady simple yes or no questions like “Does this feel good?” will help you to easily tune into her feelings without having to talk about it.

Prop Yourself Up With Pillows
Propping yourself up with pillows, and having her sit so that she’s facing away from you and leaning back against your chest, should help to enhance intimacy, and help her relax too! Reach around and use your fingers, of the flat of your hand along and between her legs in an up-and-down, side-to-side and figure-8 moves.

By doing so, you can be more productive in bed, as your other hand will be free to run over the rest of your girlfriend, or lovely Adelaide Escorts’ body!

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