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Adelaide Escorts – 4 Super Sweet & Scary Halloween Sex Positions That You Can Actually Do Anytime

Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide Escorts

Yes, I’m aware that Halloween has passed already, and in fact it’s  been three weeks since we tricked or treated each other! Whether you like Skittles or Snickers, one point everyone can agree upon is this – The only thing better than a sugar high is a sex coma! Here are a couple of sweet and scary Halloween sex positions that you can actually do any time.

The Warlock’s Brew

If you and your girlfriend, or your preferred Adelaide Escorts still can’t seem to brush off the Halloween vibe, perhaps you could let your partner enchant you via penis magic with a wicked 90-degree twist on missionary! As she thrusts, circle your hips so it’s like they’re stirring your cauldron, and doubling your orgasms!

The Broomstick Ride

To do this, you lie on a narrow sturdy surface, like a coffee table. Your lady plants her feet on either side of the table and mounts you facing her feet in a sort of elevated-reverse cowgirl. She then casts a spell over both you all by propping her hands on her legs and bending forward, leaning back or tilting her pelvis to switch up the positions! However, you can make this move even better by using a vibrating cock ring, as it will stimulate her and target vibes to her clit!

The Bewitching Bat

In this move, the lady lies on her back with her legs spread and knees bent. You put your  hands together, bending your ring and middle fingers toward her palms.  Next, you slide your two pointed fingers inside of her, and circle her clit with two thumbs! You move your fingers like bat wings, she orgasms and everybody wins!

The Cave Crave

Time to make your bed rock, as you lift her butt in a very primal need-you-now way, in a position which lets you both stroke whatever needs to be stroked or stimulated while gazing lustfully at each other.

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