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Adelaide Escorts – 4 Types of Sex That Couples Should Do at Least Once in Their Lifetime

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Adeladie Escorts

Throughout your life, and in other people’s lives, you’d probably gone through different types of sexual activities, from a couple of noteworthy moves to a number of regrettable decisions, and even outright bedroom disasters. Thus, you may have already experienced all of the good, bad and the ugly in between! However, here are a couple of sex moves or routines that you might have not tried yet, and which you should do at least once in your lifetime.

Sex With the Best Possible Soundtrack
Would it be real nice if you could play your favourite rock, dance or hip-hop tune, while you’re making it out with that hot lady you just met at the bar, or with the lovely and sizzling Adelaide Escorts? I bet you’d imagine yourselves as the hot couple in the Fifty Shades darker movie, but with a quite different soundtrack!

The Piss-Off-Your-Neighbours Sex
If one night of ditching your manners won’t get you kicked out of your apartment, or it won’t get you summoned by cops, then go for it! Whether you’re blasting your sex playlist, or moaning more than the usual, or banging on the wall with the headboard, this type of sex should make for a night to remember –for ages!

The Never-Again Sex Position
While a certain sex position would most likely get you and your partner hurt, that doesn’t mean that you should not try it again! If you try out something you swore never to try again, perhaps you’d be able to discover a mind-blowing alternative which would make you both feel like sex gods. But if it won’t make you feel like gods, at least you’ll have a funny or embarrassing story to laugh about!

Morning Sex That Makes You Late for Work
There are a lot of health and wellness perks to having morning sex, and that’s according to physicians and educators. But perhaps the greatest thing about morning sex is that it makes you and your girlfriend, as well as your preferred Adelaide Escorts, enjoy the cool and fresh morning breeze, as well as go to work with that stupid grin on your face!

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