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Adelaide Escorts – 4 Unique Sex Positions That Can Liven Up Even the Most Boring of Bedrooms

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Adelaide Escorts

Is your bedroom life starting to sound, look and feel so staid, or so repetitive? Perhaps you need a change of routine, or activity, if only to liven up an obviously boring bedroom! Here’s a peek at a few of the most unique sex positions that can help liven up even the most boring of bedrooms.

The Spinner
If your girlfriend, or even your favourite Adelaide Escorts, are starting to discreetly grumble, or loudly complain, that your bedroom activities have already become so plain, and so boring, perhaps you should try shaking things up, by doing something called The Spinner!

Here, you use a sex swing to create a dizzying and possible even a thrilling ride for two! The lady can put her feet on the seat or stirrups and lower her butt, while you carefully spin the swing, as she raises and lowers herself onto your boner for insane dual stimulation!

The Hickory Switch
In this unique move, you and your partner get into a doggy-style pose, where you enter her from behind. However, before you pull out, you grab the base of your shaft and give your lady a few swats on the butt. And before you go back in, you slide your dick across her vulva and clitoris while she’s panting for more! And to make this one even better, your lady could fill her hand with lube and cup it closely under your penis as you thrust!

The Squeeze Box
This sex position actually contains the words “squat” and “Kegels”, as your lady squats over you, holding the tip of your dick inside her. She then hovers for a second, then lowers herself, squeezing her Kegels around your shaft!

She shifts between slow deep squeezes, taking your dick all the way in, in short quick thrusts, and pulling almost completely. For a more intense experience, make a no-touching rule, but just that one point of contact!

The View
In this move, your lady sits on your dick, facing your feet and then carefully lowering her body so she’s – her arms wrapped your legs, and her legs spread on either side of your head. She then gyrates slowly, which pretty much looks like twerking, so you can watch your package all up there inside your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts!

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