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Adelaide Escorts – 5 Female Features Men Don’t Always Notice but Should

Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide Escorts

It’s no question that men are either into a woman’s boobs, her butt, or both. But there are also others who tend to notice parts that are usually taken for granted. You can be sure, though, that despite this, the lovely courtesans at Adelaide Escorts make the effort to appear presentable.


That means they pay attention even to these often underrated parts. Want to know what these parts are?


  1. Even if you don’t have a foot fetish, you’ll definitely notice if a lady’s toes look clean – especially if the nails are perfectly groomed and polished. It’s a small part of her anatomy, that’s true, but it tells you how much attention she pays to the rest of her body.


  1. Just like her toenails, her fingernails can be a good indicator of how well she looks after herself if they’re perfectly groomed, perhaps with some polish. Imagine having those long and shapely nails lightly graze your back while you get frisky in bed. Won’t you be glad they don’t have any sharp edges then?


  1. Technically, this isn’t a body part, but it’s still something some of the classier blokes tend to notice. Besides her choice of perfume, there’s her natural smell that’ll stay even after the perfume has worn off. Her own natural scent may even be all you need to remember a steamy session weeks after it happened.


  1. You know all too well how your eyes get drawn to a gorgeous babe’s boobs; the feeling is similar when your eyes are drawn instead to her collar bones. When well-defined, they tend to accent her upper torso. They can also somehow add a regal air to the lovely lady’s aura – something you’re sure to appreciate as heads turn to gape at you both.


  1. It’s every woman’s crowning glory, and though you may notice how it frames her face, or how it shimmers in candlelight, not all men see it that way. So go ahead – play with it whenever you get a chance to do so and let her know you noticed.


Don’t believe these body parts don’t change much about a woman’s appearance? Browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts and engage one of the lovely babes there. When you meet, you can see for yourself how all of these lead to a lady looking absolutely stunning.

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