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Adelaide Escorts – 7 More Sex Facts That Are Sure to Give You Goosebumps

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During high school and college, most of us learned a lot of stuff in sex education, including things like condoms, menopause, chlamydia, herpes and even the perils of anal sex. But in the years since our formal education, we mostly learned about the other more tedious sex facts through experience, and word of mouth. Well, here are 8 more sex facts that I’m sure you might not heard of yet, and are sure to give you goosebumps.

Many Women Have Exercise-Induced Orgasm, and Some Use Their Cellphones During Sex
In a survey conducted out of 1,000 millennial moms in the US, around 12% of respondents admitted that they used their mobile phones while having sex. I guess some of your hookup mates, as well as your favourite Adelaide Escorts, are guilty of this habit too!

And in the same survey, some 40% of female respondents also admitted that they have had exercise-induced orgasm at least 11 times in their lives. Whoa, so you mean that when these ladies go to the gym, they suddenly jerk off while riding the treadmill?

Sexsomnia Affects 7.6% of Ladies, and Some Get Venous Air Embolisms
Nope, sexsomnia is not the same as insomnia, where people find it hard to sleep, but instead it’s a condition where people sleeping engage in sexual activity! A few of the respondents, mostly pregnant women, also reported to suffer from venous air embolisms (all from oral sex) which cause tissue damage and sometimes death!

HPV Isn’t Just Transmitted Through Vagina or Oral Intercourse
If you think HPV, or the human papillomavirus, is only transmitted through vaginal or anal intercourse, think again. In fact, it can also be transmitted from genital to genital contact, as well as hand to genital contact!

The Average Sexual Experience is Just 37 Minutes
If someone you love, or had sex with, has spent hours and hours shagging, perhaps you should ask them to call a helpline for this, because it’s something quite abnormal, as the average sexual experience lasts just 37 minutes!

And finally, mind-blowing sex can give you and your girlfriend, or even your favourite Adelaide Escorts transient global amnesia, which is a condition that causes you to lose your memories for a couple of hours!

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