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Adelaide Escorts – A Closer Look at How Your Package Measures Up

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Have you ever wondered how your package measures up? If so, are you insecure about your penis size, or are you happy with it? Despite studies on the average penile length, many blokes are still hung up on this issue. The gorgeous babes at Adelaide Escorts have no such problem; in fact, you could say that penis size doesn’t really matter to them.

To put your mind at rest, though, here’s a breakdown of measurements for the male population, as well as what the ladies are most likely to think about your member.

1. One to two inches. With less than 1% of blokes possessing cocks that measure in at only 1 to 2 inches when erect, these lengths are extremely rare. Micro-penises – those that are an inch long – are rarer than those coming in at 2 inches to a little less than 3 inches. While ladies may be surprised to see it, that surprise will disappear when you show you’re an expert in oral sex, or go at it doggy style.

2. Three to four inches. Just so you know, credit cards and other bank cards typically measure a little over 3 inches, while a pack of gum can be as long as 4 inches. If you’re longer than these when erect, you can stop worrying about being smaller than average. How your lady will react, however, will depend on how long her vaginal canal is.

Girls with shorter canals won’t mind your shorter cock; in fact, they’ll be glad you’re not one of the bigger blokes. Plus, you’ll be able to hit her G-spot easily, something she’s sure to love.

3. Five to six inches. Majority of the male population – about 90%, maybe more – fall within this group; that means you’re more likely to have an average-size dick than one that’s smaller. The great news is, you’re one of those men who can please ladies who like deep penetration without hurting her.

Here’s some food for thought, all the same. Even if your cock is of average length, it may be thicker than average – which, for some ladies, is more important.

If this still isn’t enough for you to relax, remember that it’s what you do with your package that matters. So go ahead, browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts and find the best pleasure professional for you to help you hone your bedroom technique.

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