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Adelaide Escorts – A Little Planning Might Be The Key To A Thriving Sex Life

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For most men, the word “hot sex” and “scheduling” don’t seem like they’re linked or interconnected. However, a new study done in the US suggests that a little planning, and a little conscientiousness, might just be the key to a thriving, and happy sex life! Read on to find out why a little bit of planning can make you and your partner happier in bed.

A Plan-Oriented Person Will Have a Much Better Sex Life

Are you a conscientious, detail and plan-oriented individual? Perhaps you need to rethink your ways now, because more and more ladies, and I guess that also includes the lovely Adelaide Escorts, are now having the hots for guys how put a great value on scheduling!


A study published last month in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that the same people who are quick to send out Google calendar invites, are always on time, and are more plan-oriented too, might have much better sex than the rest who are not!


The research team surveyed just under 1,000 couples, majority of which were in heterosexual relationships while 2% were gay, and they were asked about their sex lives, how inhibited they were about sex, and if they ever had problems with sexual dysfunction.


Conscientious Dudes Also Experienced Higher on Sexual Function

The participants were also asked to rate their partner based on qualities like extraversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness and neuroticism. Though the correlation was kind of small, it was noted that conscientious people of both sexes reported fewer problems with their sex lives.


The study team found that women who had partners who scored high on the conscientiousness level experienced higher sexual function, and the guys who were thorough and dutiful often felt the need to satisfy their partners sexually, which in turn may lead to better sexual satisfaction for both partners.


So, the next time you’re meeting up with your hookup buddies, or with your preferred Adelaide Escorts, I guess it would pay off if you become a little bit more detailed, and you put a premium on proper planning too!

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