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Adelaide Escorts – A Quick Look at Terms Used by Escorts

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The number of men who hire escorts online or otherwise is quite large, but even then, there are those who find themselves somewhat confused, especially at the beginning. There can be any number of causes for this, such as not knowing reputable agencies like Adelaide Escorts. Or it could be because you’re not yet accustomed to the slang terms used in the industry.

To help you out in this area and make it easier for you to find the lovely courtesan for you, here’s a short guide to terms and abbreviations used, so you’ll know what exactly to expect and won’t be disappointed.

1. Russian. This is otherwise known as a tit or titty-fuck, and involves the client rubbing or thrusting his penis between the escort’s boobs. Look through the etiquette page and see if the escort offers this. If, however, you’re looking for anal sex (with a condom), phrases to look out for are ‘A-level’ and ‘Greek’.

2. DFK. This stands for deep French kissing, and the act can become very passionate quite quickly thanks to the substantial tongue contact. Read the etiquette pages carefully because not all escorts offer or permit this.

3. BBBJ. This abbreviation means ‘bare-back blow job’, or a blow job without a condom – something that isn’t usually allowed in most areas in Australia. The prohibition has your best interests at heart, though, because it helps ensure you don’t contract an STD (sexually-transmitted disease).

4. CIM. You’ll only see this abbreviation in areas where oral sex without a condom isn’t prohibited, as it stands for ‘cum in mouth’, so the meaning is straightforward. The escort will let you cum in her mouth when she gives you head. However, you can’t make her swallow it if she doesn’t want to or doesn’t permit it.

5. GFE. Since many escorts offer it, this term is one of the extremely common ones. Short for ‘girlfriend experience’, this usually includes oral sex and, later, intercourse. Whether both happen with or without a condom will depend on both the escort and the area you’re in.

Usually, the session also includes you giving her oral sex, and some escorts allow clients to cum more than once.

Now you understand these phrases and terms, you won’t be as confused as before when browsing the etiquette pages of the lovely babes Adelaide Escorts. Browse the gallery to find the perfect courtesan for you!

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