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Everyone loves a good, mind-blowing orgasm, and the journey it takes to get there. The gorgeous ladies at Adelaide Escorts are really skilled at helping their clients reach that goal each time. But did you know it is fun for them, too? Especially if the bloke knows how to show her a good time, too.

Here are a few things that are sure to light her fire as well as yours, whether your partner’s an escort or not.


  • Listening to her needs. Yes, hiring an escort and, later, getting down and dirty is about your needs. But you can help build that illusion, too, if you pay attention to her body as well as what she’s saying. This means going slow at first, or thrusting deeper when she hints at it.

If your lovely partner isn’t from an escort service, this may take some time to get right, but don’t worry – you’ll be able to decode her sexy moans so you can give her what she needs.

  • Appreciating her body. When you compliment a specific part of her, it makes her more open to trying new things, or maybe doing something a little extra to pleasure you. Don’t just say she’s hot – though that might work for a general compliment.

Instead, mention her luxurious hair, her lovely breasts, well-formed ass – what have you. Showing appreciation for her body itself, not just what it can do for your sexy time, will go a long way.

  • Going down on her. Giving her oral sex can be challenging if you’re not used to it, but it’s not too late to start learning the basics. There are some moves that will work for all ladies, such as teasingly licking her clit. Then there are others that won’t do much for one group, but send another group reeling in pleasure.

Eating her out isn’t a requirement, but surprising her with it now and then, but it says a lot about your willingness to get her ready before focusing on your own needs. For some women, that’s very sexy.


These are just a few examples of things women love for men to do in the bedroom. If you need practice, you can hone your bedroom skills with the help of a courtesan from Adelaide Escorts. Just browse the gallery today!

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