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You can never have too much of a good thing – or so the saying goes. But what if that thing is sex and it involves you and your partner, even one of the lovely babes at Adelaide Escorts, in the same positions? There’s only so much you can do to go on wanting it when getting frisky under the sheets starts getting routine, right?

Before you start to worry that sex won’t be the same as far as satisfaction and enjoyment goes, remember that small changes can have big pay-offs in the bedroom. So here are a few simple things you can do make even the most basic of poses sizzle.

1. Do the Cat. This take on missionary is something you may have heard or read about before; fortunately, it’s easy to do. Just move up a bit until your pelvic bone rubs against her pubic mound, or have your partner keep her legs as close together as possible when you thrust into her.

This added pressure on her mound means more pleasure from her, and you may need to slow down so you don’t finish too quickly, thanks to added friction and the tighter fit.

2. Lift her up. This is another variation of missionary, with you lifting her hips or thighs onto your lap as you kneel in front of her and she lies on her back. You’ll be entering her at a different angle, while she gets to show off her amazing boobs. This means you get a great view to make you even harder, and she’ll love the added control you have over your thrusting.

Turn up the heat by alternating thrusting and grinding, and chances are you’ll experience the bliss from a simultaneous release.

3. Forward fold. Have your girl stand with her legs spread before bending over at the waist. From here, she can hold her ankles, calves, or even the floor to help her keep her balance. This makes for deeper penetration, and you get a great view of both her cunt and her ass.

If she’s wary of falling over in this position, have her brace herself against the wall or a low chair, so you get the same results but with less chances of her losing her balance and hitting the floor.

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