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Adelaide Escorts – Funny, Frisky & Zero-Gravity Facts About Sex in Space

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Have you ever wondered how people have sex in places like – outer space? Well, perhaps you should be asking those astronauts who’ve spent months conducting research on the ISS, or International Space Station. But with “space tourism” companies offering very pricey trips outside the planet, a space vacation is now suddenly looking less like a plot from a sci-fi movie, and more like a real possibility. And while no one has yet been known to boldly gone to outer space, and fornicate, our sex experts try to answer some of the most pressing questions about the potential of hooking up in space.

Getting an Erection in Space Can Be a Challenge
With zero gravity, and no oxygen of course, attempting sex in space can be a challenge, because we will literally be working against the current. Instead of flowing downward like the usual, our blood will be evenly distributed throughout our bodies. With such hurdles to face, you’d most likely not entertain the thought of hooking up in space, and would rather be content with hooking up with lovely Adelaide Escorts back on earth!

And since our hearts will be able to stop working so hard to get blood to the brain, they could shrink, and make it harder to get blood down our genitals. And since testosterone levels have been known to fall down among male astronauts, getting an erection could become a major interstellar challenge!

Humans Don’t Sweat in Space the Way They do on Earth
Another obstacle that humans have to overcome when they decide to have sex in outer space is that it would be the fact that humans do not sweat in space the way they do on earth, so perspiration would pool on both individual’s bodies.

And if the motion is vigorous enough, the sweat could be ejected from the surface of the body, and this means that the liquid would be pooling on the body, especially where there is contact with another person. And of course, more pools of liquid would be flying off round the horny couple!

And while NASA says that no astronaut has yet been caught having sex in the ISS, they probably wouldn’t want to fornicate too, because these individuals live and work together very closely in an often cramped and noisy environment, where they experience 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets every day!

As a result, the astronauts would I guess, rather wait to get, and get in on with their wives, or with the hot and lovely Adelaide Escorts!

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