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Is your sex life literally in the rut? Or do you simply want to have more sex? Well, the solution is quite simple, as all you need is to get more sleep! At least, that’s the conclusion that researchers made after they analysed the sleeping patterns and sexual outcomes of more than 94,000 women over the age of 50 in the US. Read on to find out more why those who have more sleep have more sex.

Sleep Apnea Has Been Linked With Sexual Difficulties, Including Erectile Dysfunction

According to the study on sleep and sexual patterns of 94,000 women in the US, women who slept fewer than 7 hours each night had less sex than those who slept longer. And it makes sense, because who among us feels frisky when we haven’t had a good night’s sleep in days, and we’re over-the-top exhausted? I guess you’d love to get more sleep, as you’ll be blessed with more fun times in bed with ladies as hot and sexy as the Adelaide Escorts!

A study that was published in the Journal of Sexual medicine also demonstrated that sleep apnea has been linked with sexual difficulties, including erectile dysfunction and more global sexual difficulties. And a 2015 study has also showed that women who slept longer at night were more likely to experience stronger sexual desire the following day!

Orgasms Also Release a Hormone That Promotes Sleepiness

A group of sex and health experts also add that the interesting thing about the connection between sleep and sex is that it doesn’t just go one way – having sex will actually help you to sleep more too. Having sex also causes the body to produce oxytocin, which lowers a person’s stress hormones, and in turn allows us to relax and feel tired.  And in men, orgasm produces prolactin, which promotes sleepiness.

The health and sex experts further added that the message is that sleep health is important for many areas of our daily living. Good sleep has been shown to improve mood, energy, concentration, overall health and now sexual desire and arousal. So, get more sleep, and enjoy more erotic adventures with ladies as hot and sexy as the Adelaide Escorts!


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