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Adelaide Escorts – New Research Says That Sexual Arousal Overrides Feelings of Disgust

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We all know that sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it also involves stuff that might gross people out, or make them say “yuck”, or feel “icky”. These include stuff like sweat, body fluids body odour, saliva, STI’s and more! Here’s a look at why sexual arousal often overrides any feelings of disgust, and facilitates a person’s desire to do something that they may otherwise find repulsive.

Men & Women Who Are Sexually Aroused Are More willing to Touch or Do Disgusting Tasks
Ask any man and woman out there, yes including your favourite Adelaide Escorts, if they feel a bit icky or pissed off sometimes when having sex? Perhaps they’d say yes there were occasions when they got so grossed out by the thought of exchanging bodily fluids, or smelling someone else’s’ underarm!

According to a small Dutch study that was released last week, the results of which were published online in the journal PLoS One, indicates that arousal overrides feelings of disgust or “yuckiness”, and facilitates a man and woman’s desire to do something that they, when not aroused, might find flat-out repulsive.

Sexual Arousal Directly Affects What Women Are Willing to Do
The researchers noted that women who were sexually aroused were more than willing to touch, kiss or do initially disgusting tasks. The study team separated 90 female university students into three equal groups – one watched “female-friendly” erotica, one watched a video of extreme sports meant to get them excited (but in a non-sexual way) while the third group watched a video of a train (which was meant to elicit a neutral response).

The ladies were then given tasks, most of which were unappealing (while the others were given sexually-suggestive tasks like lubricating a vibrator). The women in the “aroused” group said that they found both the unpleasant tasks and the sex-related tasks less disgusting than the women in the other groups.

The researchers also concluded that sexual arousal not only reduces feelings of disgust, but it also directly affects what women are willing to do. Now, wouldn’t this finding be a great topic to discuss (or even debate about) with your girlfriend, as well as your preferred Adelaide Escorts?

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