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Adelaide Escorts – New Study Says Sexting Could Lead to a More Satisfying Sex Life

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Have you ever tried sending naughty texts, or even erotic images and photos, to your girlfriend, or hookup buddy? If not, perhaps you should be sexting more often, because a new global study has revealed that sexting might lead to more fun, and fulfilling sex! Read on to find out more about the other notable perks of sexting on your sex life.

Around 61% of People Who Send Daily Sexts Feel Very Satisfied With Their Sex Life

If you’re starting to think that your erotic life is starting to get so bland, and so boring, perhaps you could rev it up by engaging in a lot of sleazy sexting sessions with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Adelaide Escorts!

According to a fairly new survey of 2,000 men and women by, a health and sexual wellness website in the United Kingdom, 61% of respondents said that they send daily sexts, and report feeling very satisfied with their sex life!

Of the men and women who reported sending sexts weekly, around 42% reported feeling happy with their sex life, and even 33% of the folks who sent just a few sexts per month said that they were the happiest between the sheets too!

Consensual Sexting Counts as Healthy Foreplay Too

What’s so nice about sexting is that you can easily turn your lady on, even if she’s at work, or even if she’s on the bus or train, through sexting! According to sex experts, anything that builds arousal counts as foreplay, which plays a major role in making sex feel better for both partners.

For some individuals, sexting often conjures up images of a shamed US congressman named  Anthony Weiner. However, for most people, sexting actually conjures up a fun and intoxicating mix of hormones that stimulate their sex drive and add up to the intensity of their sexual encounters.

It’s because the largest sex organ in the body is not actually found below, but up in the – brain! By taking and sharing the most intimate parts of our bodies with our girlfriend, or even with the hot and alluring Adelaide Escorts, we heighten our awareness of what we have to offer, and what there is to receive. Sexting is also seen as an incredibly sensual process which focuses our minds to optimize our sexual pleasure!

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