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It doesn’t matter if you’re the dominant or submissive partner in bed, or even if you like to switch it around sometimes – sex will bring you and your partner unforgettable pleasure. That’s true especially if your companion is one of the gorgeous ladies at Adelaide Escorts.

The curvaceous babe next to me gently pushed me a little further onto the bed, one hand drifting down to my trousers and, in moments, freeing my already-hard cock from its prison. I couldn’t stifle the groan that escaped me –  her firm touch while stroking it up and down was too much. Especially after she’d given me oral.

Then again, I was the one who stopped her from making me cum that first time – I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible.

I pulled her closer, capturing one pert nipple in my mouth and sucking lightly on it, making her gasp. A few more moments passed while I teased her breast this way, her hand still wrapped around my dick. Then she straddled me, rubbing her groin lightly against my member while cupping her breasts. “More…”

I began fondling both breasts, sucking on the other nipple this time; she was breathing heavier now – we both were, in fact – and I could feel her lower lips start to moisten a little more.

Suddenly, the pressure of her hand on my head eased up, and she stood up as well. I had barely opened my mouth to ask what was going on when she settled herself in my lap again. This time, though, she was facing away from me. She guided me into her, the tight, slick contact making us both cry out. I couldn’t wait.

I settled my hands on her hips, pulling her down so that I was fully inside her, earning a scream of pleasure from her luscious lips. Almost immediately after, she began bouncing up and down, slowly enough for me to sync my thrusting with her. We moved in tandem, apart then together, the sound of skin on skin the only sound in the room apart from our heavy breathing and moans.

I knew, then, this was worth it.

There’s no need to go without sex for a long time, even if you don’t have a committed partner. Just browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts to find the best courtesan for you – now!

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