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Adelaide Escorts – Prepping-Up Tips for Those Who Have Sex With Someone New

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What do you feel when you’re about to go intimate with someone new? DO you feel jittery? Or do you feel so excited and pumped-up instead? Well, according to sex experts, all you need is a little confidence, and the right tips in hand, if only to ramp-up your mood to attain the perfect pleasure. Here are a couple of crucial prepping-up tips for those who have sex with someone new.

Keep a Mouthwash In Your Purse

Whether you’re hooking up with someone new, or if you’re seeing the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts again, you will certainly not want to set your partner’s mood off with a smelly breath. Hence, it’s always wise to carry a mouthwash when you head out for a special night, because making out becomes more fun when you smell good, and your breath does so too!

Carry a Fresh Pair of Undies

Dirty underwear is not at all good, regardless of whether you’re a boy or a girl, because it can give you rashes and infections. In addition, you will also never know what would happen when you hit the bed with your new partner!

Make Out First

While you and your new-found bedroom mate will make out in any case, but when you’re having it for the first time with someone new, it would be wise not to rush or hurry with the pre-sex make out session, because not only will it make you comfortable, but it will also be a great turn on to set the mood right!

Get Protection

Whether it’s your first time to get down and dirty, or it’s your nth time, yes have all the pleasure you deserve, but be responsible as well. When you’re doing it with someone new, it is essential to use protection not just to ensure that you don’t get her pregnant, but to ensure safe sexual health, and prevent spreading any type of sexually-transmitted infection!

So, whether you’re hooking up with someone new, or if you’re going on a fun and exciting date with the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts for the nth time, make sure you keep these prepping-up tips in mind!

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