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Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you’re always going to go out for dinner and drinks. For instance, you could have food delivered to your flat and spend an evening watching films, or you could both learn something new over the weekend. Of course, you’d also be indulging in more carnal desires, and she could probably give the hot babes at Adelaide Escorts a run for their money.

But do you think she’s reaching the Big O each time? Here are some reasons she isn’t enjoying sex as much as she could be, and therefore not cumming every time.

1. You skipped foreplay. This reason is the biggest and most common, and though you may tire of hearing it, it’s true – women take longer to become fully aroused. This means that, even if you did spend some time on foreplay, it probably wasn’t enough for her. So help her get warmed up by taking your time with the introduction, and she’ll have higher chances of finishing.

2. She isn’t imagining anything. Remember that dirty talk is part of foreplay, and it’s actually quite important. When you tell her how hot she is and how much you want to make her cum, it helps build her excitement and anticipation for your little love session.

Her brain is her biggest erogenous zone, so don’t forget to appeal to it; once you’ve done so, her imagination will take care of the rest. Be descriptive, but not to the point that she knows exactly what to expect. Instead, hint at what you want to do, and keep her guessing.

3. You’re going too fast. When you go on thrusting, it’ll take just a few minutes for you to blow your load. She, on the other hand, isn’t even halfway to the finish line. For her to orgasm, you’ll need to slow down enough for her to enjoy the feeling of you moving in and out of her.

Another way to make sure she won’t take long to cum when you finally enter her is to spend more time stimulating her down there with your mouth and fingers. Then you’ll be able to last long enough for you to both reach a mindblowing orgasm.

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