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There’s no two ways about it – all blokes want to get the girl. For some, it comes so easily and they end up with the object of their desires with little to no problems. For others, it’s not so simple. According to some women, including the lovely babes at Adelaide Escorts, they do tend to dangle men on a hook. That’s because they’re waiting for that one special bloke who’s a cut above the rest.

So how do you make sure you stand out to her, and draw her in?

1. Have confidence. Somehow, no matter how many times this is mentioned in similar articles, there are those blokes who forget that women are drawn to the confident sort. Being cautious and thoughtful has its place, but if you’re usually fidgety when people talk to you or you can’t maintain eye contact, you have to work on your confidence.

2. Make a decision – any decision. With self-confidence comes the ability to choose something without hemming and hawing over it for too long. Whether it’s something mundane such as what to order for dinner, or something more important like whether or not to move to a new flat, you have to make up your mind without looking like a lost boy waiting for assurance that he did good.

3. Believe you’ll get her. Assume she’s already yours, and things will fall into place. As long as you believe she’s better than you, you stand no chance. Believing she’s the prize you’re trying to win will have a negative effect on your confidence, and that’s not something you want.

4. Dress up. It’s hard to look the part of a prize catch when your usual outfit consists of a shirt, denim jeans, and loafers. While that’s certainly comfortable enough, it’s not going to draw any longing looks. Focus more on the ‘smart’ in ‘smart casual’, for example, and you’ll at least look like someone who knows how to look good, and that’s something women like.

Even with the above, if you feel you need to work on your charms and how to act around a girl while on a date, just browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts to find the best companion for you.

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