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One of the things people base a relationship on is mutual attraction; if you don’t find someone physically attractive, you’re not going to give them a second glance, right? That’s why people dress up whenever they go out, and why the lovely babes at Adelaide Escorts make sure to look their best for their appointments.

The thing is, relationships that last more than a few months depend on something more than physical attraction. This can lead to fun in the bedroom, but if you and your partner are only drawn together because of your sexual chemistry, you’re not going to stay together long. You need to be sure you actually like this person. So how do you know if you’re in love or in lust?

1. You usually start out being friends with someone you love. This is perfectly okay because it lessens the time taken getting to know them better. As friends, you’ve likely seen each other’s less-than-ideal sides; if that didn’t make you shy away, then you have a good enough foundation.

Relationships based on lust, though, usually go from the first meeting to talking a little, and then the bedroom; there’s hardly any time where you made the effort to get to know each other. That said, you won’t know how to interpret her actions, nor will you be able to tell for sure if she’s in a bad mood or not. In the same way, she can’t read your reactions as well as a friend would.

2. You want to look good every time you go out. No one wants to look scruffy, but if you’re constantly thinking about looking good enough to get laid, chances are you’re in lust. When you’re in love with someone, though, you’ll be more concerned with dressing comfortably while still looking put-together. You don’t care how you look because sex isn’t your ultimate goal.

3. Intimacy. When you care for someone and are in love with them, you won’t mind looking vulnerable, and sharing a secret or two with them won’t faze you one bit. If you’re in lust, however, the most you’ll share is a trivial secret.

Don’t have a committed partner but want to work on your charms or just need some company? Browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts; you’re sure to find the best courtesan for you.

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