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Maybe you’ve been on several dates where you hoped your companion would agree to head to your place or hers to end the evening. The gorgeous vixens at Adelaide Escorts are open to that, but with any other lady, you can’t be sure if sex is a guaranteed part of your date.

It’s possible, though, to touch a girl right and make her want you; done the right way, these subtle but very suggestive caresses will get your partner on the same page as you. By the time you’re done, it may well be her who suggests a nightcap at her flat. Here’s how to get her to want you in bed.

1. Close the distance at dinner. Sitting across from each other is fine, but it’ll make things a tad more difficult. If you can, choose one of those cosy booths for two; then you’ll be able to sit at right angles to her, which is close enough for some accidental contact, but not too close.

2. Keep the conversation going, and remember that the effect will be better if you keep the tone relaxed, light, and comfortable. Every now and then, lower your voice so she’s forced to lean towards you, or take the initiative and lean in towards her. If she does the same, or else keeps looking back at you and smiling, then you’re on the right track.

3. Try getting her to mirror you. At one point, put your hand on the table, then wait and see if she does the same. She’ll see it as you reaching out to her, and her response will tell you if she’s ready for something more – or if you need to give her more time.

An alternative is to slide your foot as close towards hers as possible, without making it awkward. If she keeps her foot in place, or moves so her foot touches yours, that’s good news. Just remember that the more a limb brushes against hers, the more you build sexual tension.

After that, it’s only a matter of time you’re going for a walk. If she snuggles closer when you, say, place an arm around her waist, that’s definitely a good sign. If you feel you need to practice how to act on a date, don’t worry. Just browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts to find the best courtesan to keep you company.

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