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When it comes to sex, the last thing you want to feel is self-conscious. Otherwise, how much you’re enjoying that steamy session – not to mention your performance – will be affected. There’s no problem with teasing your partner through touch. But what if your partner is one who needs a little dirty talk? Here, the gorgeous babes at Adelaide Escorts share their dirty talk tips.

  1. Be in the moment. It’s not a question of what you need to say; instead, it’s something you want to say, particularly when you’re in the heat of the moment. Porn films you’ve seen can help you out with the dialogue. No matter how cheesy it sounds, if you say it in the right tone, your partner will drink that in.


  1. Think of your fantasies. Relying on fantasies means that you don’t have to make anything up, and you may discover that some of your fantasies and hers line up perfectly. Then you can try making them a reality, without worrying about the ‘dialogue’ your character is supposed to have. After all, if you’re the partner in each other’s fantasy, you can’t get the lines wrong.


  1. Read dirty novels. It’s not just porn you can rely on to give you some ideas for phrases to use in bed; X-rated books have them, too. Use them by themselves, or string them together – it’s up to you. Putting your own spin on these dirty, if cheesy lines will make your partner feel like you’re starring in your own dirty novel or porn film, which may well do wonders for her arousal.


  1. Be descriptive. You don’t have to use flowery language to get her going; say it as is, and be as descriptive as possible when talking about something you want to do, or something you want done to you. The goal of dirty talk, after all, is to build anticipation for what’s going to happen. The more descriptive you are, the more she’ll be able to imagine it.


If you don’t have a long-term partner to practice your moves with and experience awesome sex with, then just browse the gallery at Adelaide Escorts. You’re sure to find the best partner for you!

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