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Adelaide Escorts – Sex Experts Answer 3 of Today’s Most Common Sex Questions

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Have you got more questions about sex which you’d like to ask the health and sex experts, but you’re afraid or ashamed to do so? Well, worry no longer, for we asked a couple of today’s best sex experts to help us provide the much-needed answers to a few of the most common and most popular sex questions today.

Can Someone Have Too Much Sex?

Perhaps you and your girlfriend, or perhaps even your favourite Adelaide Escorts, may have thought of this question too at some point in your lives, but were either too shy, or too embarrassed to ask!

Well, according to one noted health and sex expert, people decide to have sex for a wide array of reasons. Part of the decision to have sex is when and how often a person will engage in intercourse. But regardless of how often someone chooses to have sex, it’s imperative that they use protection every time, and get tested regularly, to help reduce the risks for STD’s and unplanned pregnancy

How Many Partners are Too Many, or Too Few?

Well, according to one of our friendly sex experts, there’s actually no right answer to this question, because there’s no set number someone should strive for. If you choose to be in a relationship, remember that communicating with your partner is so important.

But if you choose to be sexually active, and have multiple partners, always use protection and get tested regularly. Keep in mind to that limiting the number of sex partners can also help reduce the risk of STD’s!

At What Age should a Person Start Having Sex?

Deciding to have sex is a personal decision, which can however be influenced by a lot of factors like family tradition, culture, values, body image, partner, and overall feelings of readiness. There’s no right age to start having sex too, although most people choose to wait until it feels right for them. But if you feel the need to elevate your erotic life further, all you need to do is book a date with the lovely and alluring Adelaide Escorts!

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