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Adelaide Escorts – Sex Positions That Are Both Rough, Sleazy and Romantic at the Same Time

Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide Escorts

During sex, sometimes you will be in the mood for something rough, while there will be times when you’ll be in the mood for something passionate and romantic. But what if you’re in the mood for something rough and romantic at the same time? Don’t fret, for here are a couple of sex positions that would certainly let you achieve those erotic goals.

The Soft Rock
Whether you’re dating the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts, or hooking up with the lady you just met at the bar, here’s one unique sex position or technique to try out! To do this, your lady lies down on her back while you lay on top of her, placing your arms on either side of er shoulders. Your body should be laid against hers.

With her legs touching yours, she pushes her pelvis up about two inches, while you push down gently, providing a little counter-resistance. But instead of the usual in-and-out thrusting, you rock up and down, so the rhythm would feel a bit sultry and irresistible!

Saucy Spoons
To do this, our lady lies on her side with you behind her, so you are both facing the same direction. She pushes her butt towards you as you enter her, while she puts her hand on yours and shows you how she wants her clitoris to be touched. However, you should be alternating between touching her clit and her breasts, and then commence swooning, etc.!

The Binge-Worthy
To do this move, lock the doors, turn out the lights and get naked under a cozy blanket for a night. Your lady gets to be the inner spoon and enjoys the snuggliness, while randomly pressing her butt against yours until both of you are all wrapped up and turned on, and there’s no need to press “pause”!

Next, you slide in from behind while your leg is wrapped around her hips – and she doesn’t even need to leave the couch! For a much tighter feel, she could straighten her legs and press her legs together. Make sure you rub her clitoris as needed too!

Now which unique sex position would you and the lovely and alluring Adelaide Escorts would be willing to try out tonight, or any other time of the week?

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