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Like anything else in life, everybody’s different when it comes to talk about sexual satisfaction. For example, one person’s “OMG” could be another individual’s “meh”. So, if you or your lady require extra stimulation in bed, here are a couple of helpful hints on how to get the right kind of stimulation for you, so you could say “Viva Orgasmic Equality”!

The Flying V

If you and/or your girlfriend, or perhaps your favourite Adelaide Escorts, require extra stimulation during your erotic trysts, perhaps you could spruce up the basic on-your-back pose with some aerial oral!

You kneel while your lady raises her hips and legs up on her body, resting back on your shoulders. She then spreads her legs wide while you grab onto her legs, lean down and go all in. This move is considered very raw and sexy, but still somewhat vulnerable, thus make sure you only bestows this upon someone who worth it!

The Deeper Tissue Massage

To do this, your lady strips down and hands you the massage oil. Take all the time you want to let her really relax into the massage and let her arousal build. Offer her a challenge, like tell her nothing’s going to happen until she’s so turned on and you can’t take it.

Once she’s slippery, like everywhere, you jut her ass up a little and then enter her from behind. Place her hands on her vulva to make each of your thrusts feel so much more amplified!

The Clitosaurus

Have your usual P-in-V setup and beat it too, by hopping up the table, and your lady uses a sex toy, or a lubed-up hand to give herself one heck of a hand job, while you stand to enter her. The feel of your dick inside her, plus the outer vibrations of rubbing should be beyond divine for her, plus you get a really great view too!

Now, which positions would you and your girlfriend, or the lovely Adelaide Escorts, be more than willing to try out first?

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