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Relationships are great things, especially if you and your partner get along well for the most part. If you don’t have a partner, the lovely babes featured in the pages of Adelaide Escorts can give you an unforgettable girlfriend experience, on par with the real thing. However, if you do find yourself happily paired up, will there be a time when it seems like you need to let go of the relationship?


It won’t do to cut ties with the first sign of trouble – for instance, when you first have a disagreement. There are very real signs that you need to break off the relationship, though, and here are a few of them.


  1. You’re isolated. Wanting to spend every minute with each other is sweet, but you both need to be realistic about it. You have your own set of friends to hang out with, for example, and you’ll want to see your relatives now and then. So if your partner has practically isolated you from the rest of your social circle, that’s a warning sign.


Essentially, you don’t want someone with possible jealousy issues to be your partner for life. After all, you don’t want to have to explain yourself every time you’re out of the house or flat for more than an hour or so, right?


  1. You feel threatened. Blackmail and threatening shouldn’t have a place in any relationship – so if your partner is abusive – verbally or physically – then that’s a cause for breaking things up.


  1. She’s still in love with her ex. If she constantly mentions her ex-boyfriend and compares you both, it’s very likely she still likes the bloke. It’s fine if you come out on top whenever you’re compared to each other, but if you find yourself somehow lacking in her eyes, it’s time to leave her. You don’t deserve to be unfairly compared in that way.


There are other signs, but these are the ones that are most concerning. No one deserves to be unfairly compared to someone else, kept apart from other people, or threatened after all.


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