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Have you ever had difficulty interacting with women? Maybe you felt awkward and anxious, your palms were sweaty, and you couldn’t make eye contact. It’s not just nervousness at meeting her for the first time, because it happens no matter how often you see her. According to experts and the ladies at Adelaide Escorts, this is known as gynophobia, or a fear of women.

This is obviously a serious issue for blokes who are suffering from it. No matter how zealously you try to avoid them, you’ll have to interact with a female at one point or another. Your social life will likely suffer as a result, not to mention your career since there’ll be at least one female at work. This sort of condition is classified as an anxiety disorder, with some cases requiring counselling.

So what can you do to overcome your fear, distrust, and generally negative feelings towards women, so you don’t miss out on their company for the rest of your life?


  1. Identify the cause. Like other social anxiety disorders, gynophobia stems from negative past experiences you’ve had. Maybe your mother or a mother figure was abusive, or you have unresolved issues with her. Particularly traumatising experiences with women are a possible cause as well.


  1. Pinpoint your reasons for anxiety. You also need to figure out your own personal reasons for being anxious to interact with that pretty redhead.


For instance, you may have low self-esteem and think you’re not good enough for any woman. Or, more often, you’re simply afraid of rejection, perhaps because you were rudely turned down before.


  1. Determine the trigger. You may find that it’s only certain women you’re afraid to interact with, and this can help you pinpoint the exact thing that triggers your reaction. If the cause is unresolved maternal issues, for example, you have difficulty interacting with older women.


  1. Work to change your mindset. Your opinion about women won’t change overnight, but it can help to challenge yourself to slowly go outside your comfort zone. Remember that you can’t force anyone to like you, and you’re not expected to like all women either.


Try browsing the pages at Adelaide Escorts and hiring one of them, so you can practice without fearing being rejected or put down. After all, these courtesans are great companions, and they’ll do their best to help you feel comfortable around them.



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