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Adelaide Escorts – Striptease: Seduce Your Lover And Make Him Want You More

Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide Escorts

Tired of executing the same sexy approaches and running out of fresh ideas? You can still seduce your dude and make him want you even more. Why not try striptease? It can certainly boost your sexual confidence! Learn how to do it effectively right from the stables of the enchanting Adelaide Escorts!

Preliminaries – Here are some horny reminders before show time:

Pick the right outfit – sexy but not extremely provocative, can easily be taken off and without buttons if possible. A lacy bra that can make your boobs peek out of them, a tight black thong, all worn under a lacy see-through overall, should be the perfect choice. Match your attire with gartered black stockings and a stiletto shoes, that is, if you’re comfortable wearing one. Otherwise, find something safer and more convenient that won’t stress your feet.

Beautify your face and hair. Pulling your hair in a loose bun or just letting it hang loose is fine, but make it a bit messy and sexy at the same time. Surely, he’d love to comb his hand through it. For make-up, a dark shadow that highlights your eyes, black mascara, red lipstick topped by lip gloss to make your lips appear tempting and kissable, are all that you need. Now, you’re ready to grind, gyrate, wriggle and wiggle.

The Main Act

Dim the light and start playing a sweet, seductive and slow music.

Grab a chair, set it at the centre and plant a foot. Be very cautious that you don’t get out of balance.
When removing an article of garment, like when unhooking your bra, show your back to him, yet, peek over your shoulder. Drop the bra, or throw it to his face, turn towards him and cover your tits with both arms.

Turn your back to him again and this time, stick out your booties. Then, slither out of your stockings and undies, afterwards, throw your panties, again, to his face. Walking towards him, raise your arms over your head, bring it down slowly as you sensually touch your face, neck, breasts, belly, butt, then the pussy. Touch, touch and touch yourself before his very hungry eyes.

When doing lap dance, never remove your eyes from him, as eye contact is very basic in striptease. Likewise, arch your back and stick out your behind for a tempting panorama.

They say practise makes perfect. Once you get used to it, you can bring it to the next level, say, pole dancing. Learn more from the sex experts like the beauteous Adelaide Escorts. Search the gallery now.

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