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Adelaide Escorts- The Best Sex Positions, as Suggested by the People Who Sell Sex Toys

Adelaide Escorts

Adelaide Escorts

If you’re interested in trying out other more fresh, or more exciting sex positions, who should you best ask for advice?  Well, believe it or not, but the people who sell sex toys usually get access to top-of-the-line swag for themselves, and the people they love, or at least like well enough! So, which sex toy-centred sex positions do they highly recommend? Read on to find out.

The Passion Plank

If you’re planning to incorporate the use of sex toys on your next erotic adventures with ladies like the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts, perhaps you could try one position called the Passion Plank!

Here, the woman lays flat on her stomach and has her legs together to enable her partner to penetrate her from behind in missionary style. The Passion Plank allows for deep penetration with excellent pelvic muscle control, for amazing internal stimulation! The sex toy to use would, I guess, depend on your preferences!

The Queen’s Ultimate Triple Threat

To take an otherwise typical sex position and make it at least three times more fun and exciting, have your partner lay on her back, use flavoured water-based lube for taste, and fun, and then begin oral-pleasing her with your tongue, focusing on the clitoral area, and then using toys like a Diamond Wand for extra-intense internal stimulation!

The Elevated Oral

In the Elevated Oral, the receiver lays down on their back with a pillow or two under their hips to lift them up off the bed. This may really look simple, but adding in that extra height really opens up the hips and leaves the giver with additional room to explore without having to cramp their neck or dig their chin into the mattress!

Now, the type of sex toy that you and your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts uses would again, likely depend on your needs, or preferences. But anyway, welcome to the exciting world of sex toys, and of course have fun experimenting with it too!

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