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Adelaide Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for 2018 (And Beyond, Hopefully)

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Looking to spice up your erotic life? Or would you rather wish to revive a quite moribund and lifeless sex life? Perhaps you should try mixing things up in bed with your partner! According to sex experts, there are a million unique ways to configure your bodies during sexual intercourse, and here are a few solid favourites to seriously consider.

The Missionary Grind
Who says your girlfriend, or even the hot and sexy Adelaide Escorts, have already grown tired of the Missionary? In this position, you start off in the traditional Missionary, with you on top and her on the bottom.

But instead of thrusting in and out, focus more on grinding against her clitoris with your pubic bone, and imaging going in circles of figure-eights. This helps pull your body weight a bit closer to her head, And to increase the intensity try pulling her labia apart with your fingers and exposing her clitoris even more!

Her On Top
To do this position, lie flat on your back and ask her to climb aboard. She rests on her knees and sits upright. From this position, you can then stroke her clitoris with your thumb or index finger, or you could encourage her to reach down and do her thing!

The Bridge
Have your lady lay on her back, with her feet flat on the bed, while you kneel between her legs. Lift her hips in the air so she is in a low bridge position. You don’t need to have a huge range of movement here since you don’t want to slip out, but her clitoris is front and centre for one of you to touch!

This old favourite is still so amazing for a lot of women today. Have her start on her hands and knees while you penetrate her from behind. Your hookup mate, or lovely Adelaide Escorts, can stay on her hands or lower down onto her elbows to change the angle of penetration and make sure you’re rubbing right against her G-spot!

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